Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Where Can I Find Wellness Cat Food Coupons?

Wellness cat food has risen in popularity recently. This brand of cat food is delicious, balanced and natural. It also is high quality and very nutritious. However, as one of the better cat foods on the market, it is not cheap. For many families, Wellness cat food is too expensive to purchase without the use of coupons. For these people, locating Wellness cat food coupons is necessary in order to provide their feline companions with a high quality meal. Fortunately, these coupons are not that difficult to locate.

The Wellness Pet Food Website

Wellness, like many companies, has their own website. Using this website, individuals can join the Naturally Well Pet Community. Members receive many benefits, including notices of discounts and special offers. You can even sign up for special Wellness contests and giveaways. In addition, coupons will occasionally be sent to established members, both through e-mail and regular mail.

Online Auction Sites

Sites that specialize in online auctions, such as eBay, often have coupons for auction. Sometimes these sites will have Wellness cat food coupons available in bulk for a very good price. Many sellers will even offer these coupons as “Buy It Now” items, so you won’t even have to wait for an auction to end. You can simply order your coupons as you would any other Internet item. When using online auction sites to purchase coupons, ensure the coupons are legitimate. Look carefully at each listing and ask the seller questions regarding their items. Remember that photocopies are not accepted by most retailers, so make sure you know they are original cat food coupons before you commit to buy.

Online Coupon Sites

Internet sites exist that allow you to select coupons and either print them yourself or have them mailed to you. Most retailers will accept online coupons provided they are from a legitimate site such as, or Check these sites frequently, as the offers are subject to change. Keep in mind, however, that most of these sites limit how many times per month you can order coupons. It is best to order all your coupons together to take greater advantage of the available offers.

Local Sources for Wellness Cat Food Coupons

Don’t underestimate your local newspapers and flyers as sources for coupons. Local pet supply stores are also a good place to look. They may offer free samples or coupons to return customers. They may even have a program for a free bag of food once you’ve purchased a certain number of bags at regular price.

Take the time to ask the salespersons about any promotions Wellness might be having in the near future. They may know of a booth or event Wellness may be hosting in your area. You can usually obtain free samples and a great many coupons simply by making a point of visiting certain locations on certain days.

Before you throw out your used food bags or tins, check the packaging for coupons. Sometimes these coupons will be on the back of the bag, the label of the tin or even hidden inside the bag wrapped in plastic. Check all packaging carefully before you discard it.

One of the best ways to save money with coupons is to keep them until your local grocery or pet store has a sale. Most of the time, retailers will let you use your coupons on top of the sale price, reducing the money you’ll have to pay for the cat food significantly. Some stores will even allow you to stack your coupons. But check to make sure your local store allows this, at it is a rare practice.

By using Wellness cat food coupons you can obtain a premium, healthy cat food at a fraction of the cost you might normally pay. Check local newspapers and flyers, old packaging and online to find these coupons and you’ll soon find yourself becoming a thrifty cat food shopper. If any brand of cat food will do, look for deals on Whiskas, Iams or Friskies cat food.

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  1. All of my local stores no longer accept wellness coupons. They said they are not being reimbursed.