Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Characteristics of the Siamese Cat

In the world of cat breeds, Siamese are interesting. They can be docile one moment, and racing around the house like a mad-cat the next. Typically, people either love Siamese or hate them. They are generally acknowledged to be a unique breed, even by those people with no interest in cats.

The Siamese is thought to have originated in Siam, which is called Thailand today. This is just a theory, however, with no real proof to support it. Though they likely originated in and around this area of the world, no one knows for sure.

The Siamese has a cream-colored coat with dark tips on the ears, feet, face, and tail. Kittens, however, are born without these points, which begin to show at approximately four weeks of age. There are several color variations available for the Siamese, including lilac point, seal point, chocolate point, and blue point. Some cat associations even recognize additional colors, such as lynx point, particolor point, and solid point, but these are considered ‘new’ colors for the Siamese. All Siamese should have bright blue eyes.

Despite their reputation, the Siamese is actually less dependent than most other breeds of cat, and so they tend to become very attached to their owners. If you want a cat who enjoys cuddling, this might be the breed for you. They are highly intelligent and easily trained, but they can also be incredibly stubborn, and they definately have their own minds.

The coat of the Siamese is short and smooth, and so doesn’t require much grooming. However, it is a good idea to run a brush over their coat approximately once a week, as this will help remove any excess hair. In this way, you might be able to reduce the shedding associated with the Siamese, and it will help with the hairballs all cats are prone to as well.

One of the most unique and entertaining traits of the Siamese is their voice. They are very talkative creatures, sometimes to the point of being annoying. Some people compare the mewling of a Siamese to the cry of a baby, and when a Siamese wants to make itself heard, it will. The voice of a Siamese can reach a similar decibel level as an ambulance siren. For Siamese lovers, this only makes the cats more endearing.

The Siamese, if kept indoors and with standard veterinary care, can live for fourteen years or more. They are not a commitment to be made lightly. For those who take the time to get to know them, however, they can be among the greatest companions and most loving of felines.

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