Monday, March 9, 2015

Cat Breeds: Minskin

Some breeds come about because a breeder wants a specific look. Such was the case in 1998 when Paul McSorley started crossing a Munchkin with a Sphinx. He wanted a breed that had short legs of a Munchkin but fur that is restricted to the points like a Sphinx. This particular combination took two years to achieve, but finally the first Minskin kitten was born in 2000. Because it is so new, this cat does not yet have Championship status. Instead it is classed as a Preliminary new Breed. This means that it can be shown in TICA shows, but cannot yet earn titles. Whether this young breed will advance is yet to be determined.

The Appearance of the Minskin

The body of the Minskin, with its short legs and cobby body, is very like the Munchkin in appearance. The head, however, is more Sphinx-like and features the large eyes and large ears so characteristic of the Sphinx.

The coat is incredibly sparse and just a little coarse. Because there is so little fur, the fur absorbs the heat from the body, making it feel quite warm to the touch. There is little hair, which means little shedding. This makes grooming a breeze. A quick rub with a chamois cloth once a week usually keeps the cat healthy enough. A soft brush can also be used.

The Personality of the Minskin

Most Minskins are quite friendly and enjoy the company of humans. They will follow at your feet and climb on your back if given the slightest encouragement. They tend to want to be the sole focus of a human's attention, so they're not that great with other pets. They do love children, however, though care must be taken as this breed is a little more fragile than some others.

This is a cat that bores easily, and the Minskin can be destructive when bored. A highly intelligent breed, the Minskin needs something to do. Games and stimulate the mind are a good idea, especially if you're going to be away from home. They don't do well on their own if they don't have something to occupy their busy minds.

If you're looking for a cat that's a little unique, the Minskin might be for you. This cat is amusing and entertaining, making him a great companion for the right person.