About the Writer

Leigh-Ann Andersen is an enthusiastic young woman with a lifelong passion for learning. She resides in central Canada with her cat, two fish, and two miniature poodles. She also has two beautiful young children, Tristan and Rowan. Both boys, they are the light of her life, and really enjoy the fact that "Mommy" is so unique.

As a part-time student, Leigh-Ann is pursuing a PhD in creative writing. As a hobby, she also studies anthropology, general religious studies, and politics at the University of Winnipeg. Her love of learning inspires her writing in its many forms.

As a career, she writes fantasy novels under the pseudonym LA Quill, romance and poetry as Tamora Rose, and new age non-fiction as Aislin. She is also a popular web content writer on a variety of subjects, posting under her legal name, Leigh-Ann Andersen. She is considered a local expert on paganism, the occult, tarot, and astrology. She also teaches some local classes on these topics, though the group she founded, The Order of the Sacred Star.

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