Saturday, December 17, 2011

Eliminating Stains and Odors Caused by Cats

When you have pets, you have the occasional stain and odor. It's to be expected. With cats, you could have anything from urine, diarrhea, vomit, and hairballs. Especially hairballs. And all of these things leave stains and odors that we all wish we could get rid of. The stains are especially frustrating, since they always seem to occur in the worse possible locations. I recently had to eliminate a vomit stain from the middle of my light-colored carpet. Not pretty, and not easy to get out.

There are several problems when  it comes to removing pet stains and the odors that accompany them. The first is time. In order to remove a pet stain completely, you have to get to it quickly. So don't wait until tomorrow to tackle that stain. The second problem is the odor. Not only is a lingering odor unpleasant, but if there is any odor left and the stain is cat urine, your cat will probably return to that same area and soil it all over again. Finally, the product you use to remove the stain and odor must be non-toxic and safe for cats. Otherwise, your cat might become ill from the cleaner.

Taking all these things into consideration, you'll have to select the product you'd like to use to remove pet stains. You'll want to have this on hand at all times so you don't risk having a stain set or discolor the area before you can get to it. Personally, I recommend Fizzion. Fizzion is a revolutionary product, removing stains and odors completely. It even works on stains that are years old. It certainly got the old stains out of my silver carpet.

But the best thing about Fizzion is that it works on all pet stains. Vomit, urine, you name it, Fizzion can handle it. At least, it has around here. There are other products on the market as well, usually available at your local pet store. Avoid grocery store brands. They're not as good as what your pet store or vet carries.

Whichever product you choose, make sure you tackle those stains your cat left immediately and thoroughly.

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