Monday, December 10, 2012

The Characteristics of the Bombay Cat

The modern Bombay cat came out of a desire for a black cat with eyes as bright as copper pennies. Early efforts at stabilizing these traits were unsuccessful. Success was eventually found in 1965 and the Bombay was granted championship status in 1970 by several associations. From there, the breed continued to spread. Today, it is a common breed among cat fanciers.

The Appearance of the Bombay Cat

A deep, true black is the only acceptable color for the Bombay cat and this breed must have copper-colored eyes (though gold is also acceptable, if less desirable). They're basically like a tiny blank panther. The coat of this cat breed is shiny and bright and needs only a brushing once a week to keep it like this.

Bombays are a medium sized cat with a strong and well muscled body. The head should be round and the eyes should be almost too large for the face. This cat is quick and svelte and fully ready to spring at the slightest provocation.

The Personality of the Bombay Cat

Bombays like to play. They are rather like kittens throughout their entire lives. Inquisitive and easy-going, this breed is one of those likely to meet you at the door when you get home from work. They love to be around people and enjoy a large family. Because they don't do well on their own, you should not leave a Bombay all by itself. If you're away from home all day, you really should consider getting two Bombay cats so they can keep each other company.

This cat gets along with everyone. They are the perfect cat for families with young children and anyone who already has a dog or cat at home. They are adaptable and happy cats and will become a part of any family willing to love them.

Known Health Issues of the Bombay

Because these cats are descended from the Burmese, they share similar health problems. They're carefully bred, but this can sometimes lead to cranial deformities and breathing problems. Bombays are bred for their foreshortened nose, but this can cause wheezing and excessive tearing of the eyes. Not all lines have these problems. Talk to your breeder about health problems in their cats. This will give you an idea of what health problems you might expect.

The Bombay is a fun-loving cat who likes to be with people. If you're looking for a cat who sometimes thinks he's a dog and will sleep on your lap until the sky falls down, you might be looking for a Bombay.

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