Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Curing Boredom in Cats

I've often been asked if I think cats get bored. I can understand the question. They seem so aloof and independent that it seems only natural that they would be able to entertain themselves. And to a large extent, they can. But cats still can get bored.

What is the source of boredom in cats? The answer is a little complicated. Cats sleep much of the day. As they sleep, they build up energy. At some point, this energy needs to be worked off. In addition, cats are natural predators. They are designed to hunt, and hunting helps to burn off all that pent-up energy. If your cat's not hunting, she might get bored.

There's still another trait that most cats share that can contribute to boredom. Cats, for the most part, love attention even when they don't show it. So if your cat spends a great deal of time home alone, expect that your cat will be facing long stretches of boredom.

You can help to ward off boredom in your cat. Start by setting adie 10 minutes each day to play with your cat. Your cat will appreciate it and you'll have fun too. Also consider providing your cat with a selection of safe cat toys. Have 4 or 5 toys laying around the house for her to play with. Every 2 weeks or so, rotate toys, bringing out 4 or 5 new toys and hiding the old ones. This will help keep your cat interested, and those old toys will be treated like new again the next time you bring them out.

Bored cats can get into trouble looking for something entertaining to do. So take a few minutes every days to make sure you're providing your cat with enough entertainment and stimulation to ward off boredom.

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