Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where Can I Find Iams Cat Food Coupons?

Iams cat food is one of the most popular brands of cat food on the market. Many cats find this brand delectable, and it is nutritionally balanced. However, Iams cat food is not cheap. In fact, as cat foods go, it is on the more expensive end of the spectrum. Since many families are on a budget but still wish to feed their feline family members quality food, locating Iams cat food coupons can be a blessing. And, fortunately for these families, Iams cat food coupons are not that hard to come by.

The Iams Website

Iams, like many companies, has their own website. Joining the Iams website mailing list only takes a few minutes, and you will receive many benefits. The company often sends new members product samples and coupons of significant value. Established members receive occasional printable cat food coupons via e-mail. In addition, you can opt to receive offers via regular mail. These offers will include coupons for various products including Iams cat food.

Online Auction Sites

There are several sites that specialize in online auctions such as EBay. These sites often have bulk Iams cat food coupons available at low prices. Some sellers even offer these coupons as “Buy It Now” items, so a prospective buyer doesn’t have to bid and wait for an auction to end. Although there are many coupons available from these sites, not all of them are legitimate. Look at each listing carefully and ask questions if you are unsure prior to committing to buy. In particular, ensure that the coupons are not photocopies as photocopies are not acceptable to most retailers.

Online Coupon Sites

There are several legitimate coupon sites on the Internet. Examples include Coupons.com, MySavings.com, and RedPlum.com. Some of these are printable coupons that you print on your own printer. Others will mail you the coupons you select. These coupons can be used at most retailers. You will have to check each site often as the offers change quite frequently.

Local Sources for Iams Cat Food Coupons

Comb through your local newspapers and flyers. You will sometimes find coupons or advertised deals to help you save money on Iams cat food. Visit your local pet supply stores as they often give out free samples or coupons to customers. Inquire at these same stores as to any promotions that Iams may be having in the near future. Sometimes, there will be a booth set up at larger retailers specifically for Iams, and you can often save a great deal of money simply by visiting on the right day.

You might also want to check any bags or tins of food you currently have. Sometimes there will be coupons on the bag or tin label. There also might be coupons wrapped in plastic inside the bag. Check carefully before discarding used packaging. These coupons can be wroth quite a bit of money.

If you really want to save some money, save your coupons until the local grocery or pet store has a sale on Iams cat food. You can usually use your coupons on top of the sale to save even more. Some stores will even allow you to stack coupons, allowing for potentially more savings. However, check to make sure your store allows this before presenting your Iams cat food coupons.

With Iams cat food coupons, you can often obtain premium food at a discounted price. Found in newspapers, online, and even on cat food packaging, these coupons are of great benefit for the thrifty cat food shopper. If you are not particularly brand specific, you can also look for deals and coupons regarding Whiskas or Friskies cat food.

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