Friday, February 11, 2011

How to Choose the Right Cat Breed

This is a qustion I'm often asked by people seeking to purchase a kitten. Unfortunately, there's no easy answer. Cat breeds are so numerous that you could spend years reseraching them. So, narrow down your choices before you begin your search.

First, determine your reason for purchasing a kitten. Do you want a voal cat who will talk to you frequently? Consider a Siamese. American Shorthair are typically a good choice for families. The Abyssinian is graceful and gentle.

For those seeking a more exotic feline companion, the Oriental Shorthair or Egyptian Mau might be a better choice. If you want something truly stunning, the Balinese is quite attractive. Of course, any of the longhaired cats will satisfy the need for a beautiful cat, but will require more maintenance.

Essentially, the choice of breed is a matter of personal preference. One you've made this decision, choosing a kitten truly does become easier.

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